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We got the advertising machine up and running to get you the info that you needed on this gray monday (work, yuck!).

Diamond Falcon - FALCON'S REVENGE is now shipping worldwide. You wouldn't expect anything less from us, of course. And you are right! Your copy of this heavy gem comes with 9 astonishing metal hammers, a wonderful wide layouted artwork spanning all three sides of the digipac and a high quality 12-page booklet containing all the lyrics so you can jam along to your favourite tunes while you're stuck in traffic again (what a bummer).

2017/01/28 - THE FALCON IS ALIVE


Dudes, there has been too much time passing since the last update on this page!

Long story short, DIAMOND FALCON found new members in Dan the Man (Guitars) and Ivo "Hammerheart" Cholakov (Drums), was playing an intense Eastern European Tour in October 2015, and is now (still) working on the new album as well as on a shedload of gig offers to bring you the full Heavy Metal thunderstorm you deserve!



It is happening - finally - the work for DIAMOND FALCON's second album "Falcons Revenge" comes to the final stage. Artworks and music are done and are finally in production.

Furthermore, the eastern european tour together with LIQUID STEEL is fully booked. Check your date, this is gonna be some epic Heavy Metal out there.